From the front desk to the warehouse to the sales offices, every team member you encounter at Consumer Fresh ProduceĀ is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. In fact, most of our employees are second and third generation produce workers and many have worked for Consumer Fresh ProduceĀ for decades. We consider ourselves a family. Our commitment to family, freshness and the future has been the foundation of the company.

Our experienced sales staff, with over 200 man years of experience, is always available to help.

  • Gregory Cessna

    Gregory "Greg" D. Cessna

    Chief Executive Officer Consumers: 5 Experience: 35 “Passionate about satisfying customers”
  • Les Ainsman

    Les J. Ainsman

  • Linda Yinger

    Linda L. Yinger

    Business Manager Consumers: 32 Experience: 32 “Ask Linda”
  • Sean Neubauer

    Sean M. Neubauer

    Director of Operations Consumers: 14 Experience: 20 “Committed to customers, committed to the future”
  • Regis Sullivan

    Regis W. Sullivan

    Operations Manager Consumers: 14
  • Pete Machi

    Pete Machi

    Professional Sales & Buyer Consumers: 39 Experience: 58 “We deliver when others can't”
  • James Houser

    James "Jim" J. Houser

    Professional Sales & Buyer Consumers: 15 Experience: 17 “I love to win and have the passion to play”
  • Glenn Sheader

    Glenn A. Sheader

    Professional Sales & Buyer Consumers: 24 Experience: 29 “Accessibility and my follow up are the keys to success”
  • Joseph McCain

    Joseph "Joe" E. McCain II

    Professional Sales & Buyer Consumers: 23 Experience: 31 “Strong Ethics and Reliable Customer Service are my goals”
  • Frank Gazella

    Frank M. Gazella

    Professional Sales & Buyer Consumers: 23 Experience: 41 “Customers come first!”
  • John Bachman

    John A. Bachman

    Market Sales Consumers: 24
  • Ronald Casertano

    Ronald "Ronnie" J. Casertano

    General Manager, CFP Winemakers Consumers: 27 Experience: 39 “Passion for sourcing the finest quality wine grapes from around the world”
  • John Hanna

    John A. Hanna

    Professional Sales & Buyer Consumers: 3 Experience: 7
  • Michelle Smith

    Michelle R. Smith

    Market Sales Consumers: 3
  • Anthony Machi

    Anthony "Tony" Machi

    Sales & Purchasing Consumers: 34 Experience: 37