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TomatoesAt Consumers Produce we are always listening to our customers and working to find new ways to meet their needs. In a day when the costs of labor are rising, more of our customers are looking for help with produce repacking. The Freshness Professionals are offering a number of solutions. Each carries the name "Consumers Best" which is more than just a brand name, it's a commitment to a level of quality unmatched in the produce industry.

Tomato Repacks

Whether it's a food service customer looking for even color and size, or retail customers looking for shrink wrapped customer packages Consumers Produce is ready to meet the need.

Tomato Sorting LineFrom our Tomato Sorting Line the hand selected tomatoes are packed for our customers in the specific color and size desired. And they can be packed in a variety of quantities. In two layer boxes The Freshness Professionals can provide 40-counts, 50-counts, or 60-counts depending on the size. But most importantly Freshness Professional Ron Casertano says, "The customers are getting a usable box of fruit, that has 100% even color and that enables them to get the best return for their money."

Tomato Repack CartonsFor retail customers our shrink-wrapping machine works overtime these days. More and more our customer's customers want the convenience of having the selection of the best fruit done for them. So in quantities of three, four, or six The Freshness Professionals are hand selecting the best of the best for our consumer packs. We can even customize these eye-pleasing retail packs with your own logo.


Repacking Beyond Tomatoes

Shrink-wrapped vegetablesThat shrink-wrapping machine is pretty incredible and doesn't limit it's dressing up abilities to just tomatoes. While tomatoes led the plastic wrap parade the Consumers Best logo is now showing up on a variety of produce limited only by our customers needs. Want a couple of zucchini in a shrink-wrapped tray, how about a pepper or two? Anything retail customers might want carefully prepackaged The Freshness Professionals can handle and with the same guaranteed industry leading quality Consumers Produce demands of each item that leaves our warehouse.

Consumers Best Shelf Life

Not only do our customers get produce to their specifications, they also get a longer lasting product as well. Don't under estimate the importance of temperature variations. For instance Casertano says when it comes to tomatoes, "The one thing that people underestimate most is how fragile they are. A variance in temperature of five degrees one way or another can have a great effect on 'em. We absolutely maintain correct temperatures and that extends the shelf life. The longer it lasts the better return our customers get on their money."

Please direct questions or send e-mail to sales@consumersproduce.com


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